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Celia Angelina Biscotti is a family owned and operated business.   It is named for two influential women in our lives, Celia, our grandmother who gave us our wonderful appreciation for scrumptious Italian food and Angelina, our friend who gave us our original Italian Biscotti recipe.  Our biscotti are unique in that they are made in the traditional way (twice baked), for dunking in coffee or wine, but they are soft enough to enjoy alone. Here at Celia Angelina Biscotti, we make our biscotti to order, by hand, with only the finest ingredients and long treasured tradition. Celia Angelina Biscotti are cut to a size appropriate for entertaining, fitting perfectly on a party dessert tray or a plate for friends to enjoy with coffee and conversation. 

Celia Angelina Almond Biscotti are full of sliced and slivered almonds and deliciously spiced for a truly unique flavor.  Our Chocolate Walnut Biscotti are equally packed with walnuts and rich chocolate for a tasty combination.  Our Cornmeal Anise Biscotti are tender yet crunchy with sumptuous anise flavor.

 We sell our biscotti by the pound (24 hand cut biscotti). If you can’t decide which to try first, we offer a combination pound of 8 of each flavor.  We also have Trios, which are three biscotti (one of each flavor) in a bag.  These make great lunch box treats!  Trios are sold individually and by the pound.

So we leave you with the words of Celia and Angelina that stay in our heads and hearts:

                                               Mangia!  Mangia!  We need to fatten you up!

ps. We now accept PayPal as well as major credit cards and bank debit cards. Also, you can opt for the call and print method and send a check. We will ship your order upon receipt of payment.

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38 River Rd Newcastle, ME 04553